Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Protein Donut Hole Recipe

I have a donut hole/cake ball maker that I used for these.


  • P28 Strawberries n’ Cream pancake mix
  • Nib Mor dark chocolate
  • Sprinkles of your choice


  1. Prepare pancake mix as directed. I used 1 cup mix and 1 cup of water.
  2. Whisk the batter together until there are no clumps.
  3. Bake your protein donut holes and allow them to cool.
  4. Once they are cooled break your dark chocolate into squares and place in a microwave safe bowl.
  5. Heat the dark chocolate in 30 second intervals until melted all of the way. Make sure that you stir the chocolate between the cycles.
  6. Dip the donut holes in chocolate and place on wax paper. I had to stick mine next to each other because otherwise they were rolling all over the wax paper.
  7. Cover with sprinkles and enjoy!

Note: Allow the chocolate to cool and harden before storing.


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