Life with a Bengal

We did extensive research on bengals before we got Lily. Everyone talked about how she would be a hyper breed, jumping on top of every surface to get higher and higher, barking, fetching, and destroying things. At which point we asked ourselves, “why aren’t we just getting a puppy?” We determined that a mini leopard was what our household was missing. 

She is a typical cat. I mean don’t get me wrong she did come fully loaded with exotic sounds and she does fetch, but mostly she just thinks she’s a baby. I’d describe owning a bengal as having a toddler on steroids. 

We have a five month old son (pictured above) and Lily believes that all of his things are in fact her things. We live in a household where it’s common to hear, “the cat took his toy so he’s crying.” She enjoys stroller walks, sleeping in the floor swing, and has her very own baby Einstein play gym. We often find stuffed animals in her food bowl or watch her dragging them away as if they are a fresh kill. 

I don’t know what kind of Bengals “they” had, although, I feel like the bad temperaments were from boredom. 


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