The Social Media Facade 

I’m not one of those people to blast my feelings on Instagram if they are negative. I strive to pour out happiness and self acceptance to the thousands of women that follow my journey. I’ve taken a few breaks from @fitgirljfox because it’s exhausting for me to keep a positive image up whenever I’m fighting PPD. When I do open up to friends or family their immediate response is always, “well everything looks wonderful on Instagram I would have never guessed anything was wrong with you!” Maybe posting happy highlights of my day are what keep me going? Am I lying to my followers? Am I lying to myself? Why is it only socially acceptable to post the highlights of our life. The happy glorified moments. That’s not real life.  We laugh together, we cry together. I have days where I’m as patient as a saint and some days where the slightest sound of fussing pushes me over the edge. The good days are good and the bad days are really bad. The ones in between are langiappe. Give me a couple of sleepless nights in a row and a fussy baby and I’m in full crisis mode. Give me one good night of sleep and an easy day and I’m reset. No one is perfect. No one has it all figured it out. We’re all just winging it and if anyone tells you any different, well that’s part of their facade. Don’t believe everything you see online, you’re only seeing a couple seconds of a 24 hour day. 


3 thoughts on “The Social Media Facade 

  1. That’s one reason why I don’t usually like social media because it gives off the vibe that everyone has a perfect life when in reality we all know that’s not the case. It can put pressure on a lot of people especially Mother’s. I like the people that can show the real and the raw to prove they are indeed human. Great post!


    1. I have a post on PPD that was before this one. It’s hard for people to understand that aren’t going through it. Just try to make her feel like you’re not judging her and she’s not alone. PPD is so isolating.

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